WASHINGTON – Because we live in troubling and rapidly changing time, the WND Superstore is always on the lookout for unique products that can make you and your family more safe and secure.

Just checkout the latest:

  • Never heard of “Single Tactical Bands”? Well, now you have. Available in solid colors or duo-tone, these wristbands are practical gear for campers and as preparedness products you can keep with you all the time. These cords can be unraveled to provide the wearer with about nine feet of USA-made 550 mil-spec paracord (that can be broken into individual strands for a total of about 80′ of 50 lb test), to make emergency shelters, repair broken gear, tourniquets or thousands of uses.

“When I see something I want, I figure I’m not the only people who wants it,” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND. “That’s the standard we use when we look for new products for the WND Superstore. These are really super-practical, inexpensive devices that you don’t see in department stores. But they offer the kind of protection we all need in the 21st century.”

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