As I was pondering how the “women’s vote” might be different from the “men’s vote” (do they have different issues and special ballots or something?), I heard of this quote in Oprah’s magazine: “The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl” (Shirley Chisholm, first black woman to serve in Congress).

Hey, I said to myself, I know a little about stereotyping; I’ve already been down that road, and I have some helpful suggestions. Blacks, for instance, did not desire or appreciate the separate but equal doctrine imposed by Southern Democrats in the late 1800s. All they wanted was equal equality – if it works for them we want the exact same thing: equality across the board. We did not want to be stereotyped or segregated. So, could that be what women want? Hey, why not? Don’t judge me, separate me or measure me by gender but by performance. Here is a simple test: Can I cut the mustard? Equal pay for equal work.

So what about congressperson Chisholm’s quote? I have the perfect solution: Do exactly for women what was done for blacks. Don’t only dispense with racial stereotyping, but do the same with gender. From now on, we are persons or beings, period. At delivery the doctor says, “Congratulations! It’s here!” What is it? A human, a person. Let’s have none of this gender-specific nonsense. It is simply a human being, a person, end of story.

Let’s also abolish gender-specific stereotypical names like Mary, Julia, Betty, Tammie, etc. (just consider poor LaQueesha, not only black, but a girl to boot!). From now on, we’ll have only gender-neutral names: Bobbie, Johnnie, Frankie, Leslie, Terry, etc. No more forcing people into gender-specific situations. Let’s abolish all the throwbacks to pre-fem-liberation days. Titles also imply psychological differences. There are strong emotional links associated with some titles – wife, mother, aunt, daughter, granddaughter and grandmother – all implying strong emotional, gender-oriented, sexual stereotyping.

Consider all the money school systems, restauranteurs, department stores, theaters, stadium owners, etc., could save by abolishing separate-but-equal restrooms and showers. There could be spending cuts to our military budgets with the abolition of separate training, barracks and showers for our fighting forces, further ensuring total equality. Still more savings could be generated in sports from grade school to professionals: Simply abolish gender stereotyping of athletes. An athlete is an athlete, right? No more of this sexist segregation by gender. No more women’s track and field, tennis, golf, softball, basketball. A 100-yard dash is a 100-yard dash, no matter the gender of the athlete, right? Or is a 100-yard dash only an 80-yard dash for women? (Blacks knew, even when segregated, that the 4×100 yards relay was still 4×100 yards.) Think of the savings in time, effort and organizational expense by eliminating gender-specific events in the Olympics. After all, an athlete is an athlete and a gold medal is a gold medal, no matter whose neck it is hanging from – equal pay for equal work. Imagine a total end to this. “The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.”

Anyway, that’s only my guy view. What would one of those Romney “binders full” types – a normal, everyday, intelligent, professional, articulate, attractive, businesswoman (oops, gender bias) who is also a wife and mother of two successful, happily married businesspersons who are also mothers (emotional, gender stereotyping?) – think?

Fortunately, I happen to know just such a person, so in regard to the push for the women’s vote, I asked her, “Well, what do you think?” She didn’t hesitate:

“I am sick to the core of liberal women. Most of them complain, they whine, they are miserable, contentious, man haters and God haters … they shriek. They do not speak for me and I believe they do not represent the majority of rational, thinking, solid American females. I, for one, am over their incessant noise. They make the rest of us women look weak, desperate, stupid and all around useless. Ask any real man on the street for their opinion of women; it may astonish.

“Believe it or not, there are many women in this land who love and admire men (and presidents) of intelligence, honesty, gentlemanliness, certitude, strength (not to be confused with domination), purpose, success, grit, leadership, class, restraint. These are qualities that elevate America’s global standing, foster economic strength and generate peace and tranquility here at home – exactly those qualities missing in the current ‘leader of the free world’ (who, by the way, according to one report, pays his female White House staffers 18 percent less than the male staffers).

“I do not want men talking to me about my contraception, ovulation, menstruation, vocation or any of the psycho-babble we constantly hear from the ‘leaders’ (male and female) currently running a country on life support (America). By the way, I’ll pay for my own contraceptives, thank you (and Sandra Fluke can pay for hers, too – a whopping $9 at Wal-Mart – $5 with insurance). As for the women in national leadership positions, I am without words.

“Any woman who is so shallow as to not see through the disdain for her gender and disregard for her intelligence by the relentless push to fall in line with the ideology of the left are as blind as those black Americans who can’t see the perpetual racial slight-of-hand being foisted upon them, regardless of how much information is available pointing to truth; truth, I might add, of which they are both willingly ignorant. If those women don’t wake up and learn what a real man is before Nov. 6, then they can continue to anticipate being treated like the second class citizens the liberals so passionately claim they are.

“As for women’s rights, real women care about rights, alright, and it’s not the trumped up kind touted by the left. They want rights to a fulfilling job, safety for their children, happily employed husbands, reasonable fuel prices, fair taxes, small government and all around freedom to enjoy life in the country they love. How about the right to clear and authentic leadership (in both sexes)? Let’s try something different for the next four years.

“As more women begin to value the qualities it will take to keep this blessed land free (see above), then we will, indeed, see brighter days ahead. Let us pray.”

All I can say is, “Amen”

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