The Obama campaign has been in full spin mode since his wife glared angrily from the stage after his embarrassing debate performance last week. Predictably, the spin has been as pathetic as his performance. It has gone from blaming the moderator, to saying he was tired, to blaming it on the thin air, to settling on their favorite – simply claiming Mitt Romney lied.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that blaming the moderator for Obama’s demonstrably underwhelming performance is like a 6-year-old blaming the dog for not doing his homework. Maybe he wouldn’t have been as tired if he hadn’t spent so much time playing basketball and golf. And pursuant to Obama’s poor showing being due to his not acclimating to Denver’s high altitude, as Al Gore wants people to believe, it didn’t seem to affect him when he spoke from a Greek temple especially built for his speech at the 2008 Democrat National Convention, also held in Denver.

The Obama campaign’s drone of “Romney lied” is laughable coming from the man who lied about his mother having to fight her insurance carrier to get coverage to pay for what the insurer called a pre-existing condition. New York Times reporter Janny Scott, in her biography of Obama’s mother, exposed that lie. (See “Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.”) This charge against Romney comes from the man who repeatedly lied about his mandatory health-care not being a tax, lied about his uncle’s military service, and even lied about how and where he met his wife.

Shortly after Obama took office, Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School, one of the nation’s pre-eminent constitutional authorities, personally told me that he found Obama’s intellectual curiosity unimpressive.

It was political commentator Brit Hume who best echoed my sentiments per Obama’s debate performance. In a recent on-air interview, I said his performance was par for the course. Without a canned speech he can read from a teleprompter, his oratory talent lies only in sniping sarcasm.

Hume said: “What I would say about this is that this idea that Romney won the debate because Obama basically didn’t show up, I don’t buy that. The Barack Obama I heard on that debate stage was the Barack Obama I have been listening to now for four years. He sounded very much like himself. I don’t think he was terribly bad. I think he has a very weak case, and I think the circumstances in the country present the challenging candidate with all kinds of opportunities. The president is saddled with weak circumstances, and therefore a weak case, and it’s not surprising to me that he didn’t argue it very well. And the other thing is, despite the (pause) – his reputation as being a world-class orator, and maybe he is with a set speech, but there is not a lot of evidence he was a great debater, and put them together and I don’t think it is as big a shock as the president’s supporters on the left feel. I think they thought he was 10-feet tall, and he’s not 10-feet tall and never has been.” (Fox News; Oct. 7)

In my “Daily Rant” following the debate I wrote: “Obama is a grade-A fake – a charade. He is only comfortable in environments he controls or environments where he is fawned over and flattered as when he appears on ‘The View’ – which brings me to another observation and that is the reason he ducks world leaders like [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu to instead appear on the Letterman show, the aforementioned ‘View,’ etc. It’s because he can dazzle them with shinola juxtaposed to facing difficult questions. It’s the reason he would rather campaign. …” (“Taken to School,” Oct. 5)

I continued: “There was one more thing hampering Obama. … That is his dissonance. He is forced into a state of confliction because he cannot say what he truly believes for the obvious reasons, chief of which is it’s easy for people to deny he is a Neo-Leninst [if] they are not confronted with him espousing same in a presidential debate forum.”

The mainstream media and Hollywood have had their romantic pollyanna fantasy shocked into the reality that their emperor has no substance. That said, in the future they might consider consulting a mycologist before swallowing the hollow fungal rhetoric of someone selling promises you would have to have feasted on magic mushrooms to believe.

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