(International Business Times) In yet another ground breaking discovery related to Mayan archaeology in Guatemala, archaeologists have found the grave of an ancient king, who is believed to have laid the foundation of the Mayan civilisation.

Located at the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Tak’alik Ab’aj in western Guatemala’s Retalhuleu region, about 45km from the border of Mexican state of Chiapas, the grave is thought to be of K’utz Chman. Chman was a ruler of the Olmec civilisation, Mexico’s first major civilisation more than 2,000 years ago. He is credited for having founded the Maya civilisation by introducing basic elements of art and architecture that would go on to signify the Mayan culture.

“He was the big chief. The ruler who bridged the gaps between Olmec and Mayan cultures and initiated the slow transition to Mayan rule,” archeologist Miguel Orrego was quoted as saying by Reuters.

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