Since the bloody murder of JFK in 1963, America has been rotting from the top down. The political institutions of government, the courts, the major media and the Hollywood moguls have sent America on a one-way voyage to the bottom of the barrel. Furthermore, as the World War II “greatest” generation dies off, their solid bulwark of core values dies with them – leaving America adrift, morally and spiritually weakened, and easy prey to a host of parasites and cold-blooded sharks, among them Barack Hussein Obama and his slavish allies.

With corruption of the Fourth Estate and the prostitution of America’s cultural, academic, political and economic institutions, the enemies within, if you will, realize their endgame comes with the re-election of the fraudulent Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. That result would merely affirm that our federal system of checks and balances designed to prevent government tyranny has finally broken down after decades of abuse of the Constitution. In addition, arguments for state secession would probably blossom if Obama is re-elected – in reply to federal predation. Lest we forget, progressive liberal is another name for self-loathing communist, and in their lexicon, “to serve man” is likely a cookbook.

E. Flynn

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