WASHINGTON – Israel Today has subscribers in 80 countries, yet it is a virtually unknown resource for a biblical view of the news for Americans.

That’s about to change.

The WND Superstore has made an arrangement with Israel Today to introduce this unique English-language magazine – available in traditional print form or digital editions – to U.S. Christians and Jews as well as WND’s readers in every country of the world.

Israel Today describes itself as a Jerusalem-based news agency providing a biblical and objective perspective on local news. Founded in 1978, when it began publishing a monthly German news magazine, the English-language edition of Israel Today was launched in January 1999 to meet a growing demand for news from Israel to the English-speaking market. The Japanese edition was launched in 2004, and a Dutch edition is currently in the works, as well. Israel Today maintains a diverse staff of local journalists who live in the Land and therefore report from firsthand experience, offering a mix of information, interviews, inspiration and daily life in Israel.

Israel Today’s mission is to be the definitive source for a truthful and balanced perspective on Israel and to provide timely news directly from Jerusalem – the focus of world attention. This is especially important in these times as prophetic events are unfolding before the world’s eyes.

“I’ve been reading Israel Today for many years,” says Joseph Farah. “I’ve been amazed at some of the scoops I’ve seen there. I highly recommend it to all those who love Israel and recognize its special significance as the apple of God’s eye.”

Subscribe to Israel Today now – in either print form or digital edition. Better yet, get both.

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