The first presidential debate of the year wasn’t exactly the “Shootout at the O.K. Corral,” but in today’s politics, it was close enough.

Barack Obama was a bloodied survivor, and Mitt Romney emerged the victor, without a scratch.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Obama, after all, is the president and, as far as he’s been presented to the public, the master of everything.

He’s the epitome of skill, knowledge, talent, intellect and – and – well, he’s just absolute perfection. And on top of that, he’s black. In the eyes of liberals and certainly the media, that makes him unbeatable – especially against a lily-white, rich-guy like Romney.

I should say, made Obama unbeatable.

A superficial glance at the debate might lead a viewer to say it was really boring, but while it may have started that way, it soon became more than clear that Mitt Romney looked and sounded presidential.

Obama, on the other hand, didn’t know what hit him.

It was more than apparent, and got worse as the debate wore on, that Obama thought he could skate through the event, just as he has skated through every other day of his presidency. His glibness didn’t work, and he didn’t hide his discomfort and yes, anger, at what was happening.

Mitt Romney was prepared. He was confident, and he wasn’t cowed by the fact that he was face to face with “The One.” At that moment, it was two men who want the same prize and had to use their skill and intellect to make the difference that would influence voters.

Romney clearly had facts and figures at his command and he handled Obama, and even the hapless moderator Jim Lehrer, the way a talented and successful businessman would handle the operation of a profitable business – and had fun doing it!

Unfortunately, running a profitable business and having fun is something Barack Obama knows nothing about.

Lehrer announced at the beginning of the debate that he selected the final questions.

Nothing to brag about there. Just softballs.

It seemed all were requests for a candidate to tell how he differs from the other about a particular issue. It’s no wonder Romney saw a way to move into other areas and took advantage of it.

Obama hated it, and Lehrer was out of his league.

The reaction to Obama’s debacle was almost as surprising as the debate itself, yet not really. Just as they are wont to do, the left ate their own young – and this time, Obama was it.

He failed them. He embarrassed them and crushed them with his inadequacies. He was accused of being on drugs, of altitude sickness, of unpreparedness, of needing a prompter for a debate.

The one thing they didn’t accuse him of was that he was being himself – an inadequate man of modest intellect who is in over his head in a job that carries with it the future of this country if not the world.

Americans are on the doorstep of a major change in the direction of this country – a change that Barack Obama has had four years to begin. He wants to continue that change, whether or not Americans want it, and yet the media continue to act like the lap dogs they are to Democrats and especially to this man who has ridden to the presidency on the biggest race card we’ve ever seen.

Criticize him, and you’re automatically a racist.

Be successful in life, and you’re a millionaire or billionaire who doesn’t pay your fair share.

I look at Americans and see a people struggling in a failing economy, looking for jobs that don’t exist, facing rising prices and increased taxation, whose children attend failing schools, whose religious beliefs are under attack, whose way of life is being degraded by overbearing laws and regulations, whose savings are losing value and whose children are cannon fodder in a war they’re not allowed to win.

I see a people who looked at Mitt Romney last week and, perhaps for the first time, liked what they saw and heard.

Americans are tired of the excuses for Obama and are tired of the ritual accusations of cheating, lying or covering-up, which is the typical reaction to anyone who disagrees with him.

Dealing with Barack Obama is like dealing with a recalcitrant third-grader who has been told every minute of his life by his mommy that he is “special.”

Did you see Michelle’s face after the debate? Can you imagine what she said to him when they got back to their hotel?


Oh, to have been a fly on the wall to that scene!

By the way, happy anniversary, folks.

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