Last night I was watching the congressional investigation into what happened in Libya. A direct question was asked: “How many grenade fired launchers were missing?”

Note that they testified that those launchers were designed to bring down commercial airlines! The incredible answer: “About 10,000-20,000 hand held rocket launchers!”

That’s 10,000 to 20,000 rocket launchers given to the Libyan militants – now lost.

It seems like the Pentagon is arming the radical jihadists under the bulls–t phrase “in order to protect American interests and security”! I thought “Fast & Furious” was the tip of the iceberg with a couple thousand automatic machine guns given to Mexican cartel.

Nope, not even close. Our tax dollars are now being used to overthrow Middle Eastern countries by giving the radical Muslims money and weapons of mass destruction.

Well, what should we expect when Obummer boasts a ring that says, “There is no God, except Allah”!

Does anybody have the gonads to speak or post a column on this intentional arming of the jihadists?

Check it out boys and girls. This administration, the Pentagon and Obummer are deliberately arming international terrorists!

I can only speculate the amount of blowback that’s been created and surely to last years into the future against the U.S.

Bob Rowan

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