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Why I won't watch the debates

By Tuesday, the debate hype had already reached frenzied proportions on the television news stations. Television loves politics because everyone must buy ads. The consensus among the incestuous television newsies was that Romney needs to hit one out of the ballpark, or he will lose the election.

Obama, by the same media wisdom, is set to coast to victory. This must be due to his splendid record: On the economy, Mideast affairs (beyond those conducted by the Secret Service), the war in Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclearization and domestic spending, spending, spending – and no budgets.

Turning the Chicago mob loose in Washington D.C., where they can simply kick the Federal Reserve dollar vending machine and collect a jackpot was perhaps the dumbest thing America has ever done. Some things you simply cannot recover from.

Call me a parochial American, but I don’t think that an individual who has spent millions of dollars on lawyer fees to cover up his past from public view ought to be on any political party’s ticket for any office. Not even the Communist Party USA has tried to run such a candidate.

I don’t think the POTUS should be allowed to install a gun-runner as United States attorney general. But Harry Reid does. And he will buy anyone he has to, to make sure an impeachment vote fails. Behavior that would have turned the left out into the streets under a Republican president is now perfectly acceptable to our civil rights guardians.

I don’t think the Chicago mob should be running the country. Why would anyone living in America even consider voting for an incumbent politician with this kind of a record? What is there to debate?

Incompetents and con-men are often likable people. They even have the best of intentions. That’s because such people always con themselves first. They are what they are; they just should not be elected to public office. Let alone re-elected.

I don’t need to watch the debates because America could select a street derelict (perhaps a distant family member from previous presidents), run him through a sobriety program, and have a better chance of improving the economy and creeping up on world peace.

Honestly, to “win” the debate, the only thing Romney needs to do is show up. Smile for the camera, point at Obama, recite another snippet of his disastrous record – and say to the audience: “I’m not him.”