HAMMOND, La. – Not to put too fine a point on it, professor McKenzie looked terrified. When this distinguished economics prof had invited me to give a lecture entitled “Is CO2 Mitigation Cost-Effective?” at Southeastern Louisiana University, the provost had called him in to ask why professors worldwide had written demanding that I be disinvited.

Disinvitation is a favorite debate-stifling technique of the left. A couple of years ago, when Prince Philip invited professor Ian Plimer to give the annual Duke of Edinburgh’s Lecture at Buckingham Palace explaining why global warming is a scam, the Children’s Coalition went into conniptions. Within weeks and without explanation, Ian was rudely disinvited.

It didn’t work this time – for one of the furtive disinvitation write-in team was Dr. John Abraham, not a climate scientist. A couple of years ago he had spent eight months (one trusts he was paid well for it) cobbling together a notoriously mendacious attack on a single – and blameless – climate talk I had given in Minnesota, home to his 14th-rate Bible college (one forgets its name).

Abraham was and is incapable of answering the 466 questions I sent him a month after he first broadcast his petulant lies and bad math. This joke figure was not regarded as a serious or credible witness against me.

Professor McKenzie undertook to show his students Al Gore’s Rocky Horror Climate Picture Show the day before my talk. The provost smiled and said: “This is a university. All points of view are welcome.” Even Gore’s. Kudos to the provost.

Not that Gore welcomes debate. His standard speaker’s contract forbids any unscripted question from the audience or the press. All cameras and recording equipment must leave the room five minutes after he starts speaking. And when the Republicans invited me to testify opposite him in Congress a few years back, the “Democrats” disinvited me – the first time the majority has denied the minority its free choice of witness since Congress was founded. There was quite a stramash about it at the time.

Notwithstanding the provost’s support, the professor was still twitchy. The menacing tone of the emails from Abraham and other vicious climate extremists had led him to fear violent interruptions.

On the night, the sole objector was a rambling biology prof whose best shot was that the “consensus” disagreed with me. My only real error was spotted by one of the two reassuringly hefty security guys the university had sent. On my way out, he reminded me that polar bears’ fur is not white, as I had said, but transparent. It only looks white because it reflects the snow.

What on earth are joke “professors” from 15th-rate Bible colleges doing sneakily writing round to universities dishonestly attempting to stifle debate on the great issues of the day? Who is paying them? Profit is the only rational explanation. If I were as much of a charlatan as their emails suggested, would not that fact be thunderously obvious to all who heard me?

After my WND column a couple of weeks back using probability theory to demonstrate that Black Jesus’ “birth certificate” is as bogus as Piltdown Man, the Huffington Pest huffingtoned and puffingtoned about it.

The Pest’s founder, Arianna Stassinopoulos, was with me at Cambridge. She drove around in a racing-green Lamborghini till she neglected the lubrication and the engine seized. Daddy didn’t buy her another one. Hubby got her a website instead.

The fragrant Ms. Katastrophikos’ canting leftoblog was not the only one to whinge about my column. The Sinistrosphere went bananas. Looks like we got them good and worried. Not one of the rants made any serious attempt to challenge my argument. By now they all know the White House website is an embarrassing crime scene.

They also know they can absolutely rely upon the Republicans in Congress not to lift a finger to uphold the Constitution they swore to uphold. The evidence that BJ’s “birth certificate” is a lie is beyond reasonable doubt. Just ask the sheriff who spent nine months investigating it.

But will any member of either House exercise the right to object at the joint session to approve the election results in a couple of months’ time? Will Mitt the Twit (as bumper stickers all over Louisiana call him) actually stand up for truth on this surely not unimportant issue? Don’t hold your breath.

I had rather hoped he would confront BJ on the issue during the televised presidential debate. No such luck. Nevertheless, Romney whupped his opponent’s posterior, yassuh, big-time, as the proprietor of a greasy-spoon in downtown New Orleans put it the following day (he didn’t use the word “posterior,” though).

The “president” smirked shiftily throughout the confrontation. He looked as though he wished he could write in and attack Mitt behind his back, or copy Gore in refusing to debate at all, or just get Mitt disinvited.

Mitt’s best point came when Barack whined about the $2.5 billion subsidies to big oil. Mitt – who can recite facts and figures without a teleprompter – snapped back that the “Democrats” had spent $90 billion subsidizing useless, bird-blending wind farms, buckling solar panels, Teslas with flat batteries, Solyndras with flat balance sheets and Chevy Volts and Nissan Leaves no one wants. Many of these failed “green-jobs” boondoggles had paid a chunk of their lavish taxpayer funding straight into Barack’s re-election campaign.

BJ looked at his shoes. He had no answer to that one – or to anything else much. The lying left really, really doesn’t like debate.

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