Dear Mr. Farah,

I think you have made some very accurate observations in your column, and among them are utter failures of “our sovereignty as citizens,” as there is no other sovereignty in this nation, if “We, the People” don’t deliberately and continuously act as the sovereigns.

I have pushed, poked and prodded from before the conventions even started, because my hailing from Chicago meant I knew he was ineligible, even before he announced. As merely a Marine, with nothing but recruiting experience as qualification to charge him with fraud and forgery, I had merely hoped to see my charges sufficient to engender demands from responsible officials to have certified experts look.

I believe we actually worked as a whole nation to get exactly the right president we deserved. I look back now and consider it utterly ridiculous we allowed this to happen, but at the same time, I consider where we would be had McCain won, and we had not suffered but half as badly, yet remained aimed down the same track.

There isn’t the slightest chance such a thing would allow a second term, nor should it, but it would ensure whomever was put forth by the left would take the office. You are absolutely right in stating Zero has never had any actual challenges to his claim of the throne and crown, as any of your many columnists, any good journalist, could easily have taken Zero apart, and it is only the fact that the man who did it is on the ballot that makes the big difference.

I have never been an enthusiastic supporter of Mr. Romney, until the debate. He has never appeared even slightly conservative, at least to my jaundiced eyes. However, his performance at the debate finally showed both his conservative ideas and the fact he was able to utterly destroy the fool, without even a bead of sweat breaking out. He showed the inner strength of conviction in not having to resort to anger, or even allowing it to appear however momentarily.

I have been told by many Christians “voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil,” and suggesting they will vote libertarian. I live by faith, and will not cast my ballot into the sea hoping God will sign it and make a miracle outcome. I do believe that even a man who has been wrong before can find that being put into high office, as a believer, can easily bring one to rise up to the level of the office and become worthy of it, by God’s Grace. I stand on the belief that is exactly what President Reagan did, and it is possible again.

I also know it is possible for low, criminal-minded people to find office and reduce the office to the same demeaning standards that are all that is suitable for judging such people. This is, indeed, what Zero has done.

With God, all good things are possible. But we must never forget, with Satan, nothing but evil will prevail until he is confronted, assaulted and beaten. With faith, we reach up for what we know “can be.” With evil in our hearts, we reach out for what we can do, with no regard for anything but what our own little heart demands. God has opened many eyes by the foolishness with which we allowed Zero to show us what he is incapable of being. He has also ensured many have been given over to “a reprobate mind” for standing firm in their evil, despite their exposure and opportunity to turn away.

God bless you and WND, the many great people you have on staff and, in particular, those most courageous who walk amongst our enemies that we may know their very speeches

John McClain


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