I want to make sure I understand what your saying when you say that President Obama shouldn’t be in the White House because he didn’t and has not provided documents to prove that he is a [natural born] citizen.

In essence, this white racist-run Amerikkka that we live in was so ill-equipped that they let a black man reach the highest level of government? The vetting process and all the white Democrats he ran against were not smart enough or had the power and resources to find out that he wasn’t a citizen? Then on top of that the whole Republican Party was so inept that this one black man from Chicago outsmarted them all?

This one black man has that much power over the whole of the Amerikkkan government that he can become president. White people and white Amerikkka that disdain blacks the way they do are that stupid and powerless to be able to find out that he was not a citizen? 
If that is what you are saying – and it would seem to me that you are – then the whole governmental system needs to be overhauled.

I didn’t know you white folks were that stupid. I do now, though, and you, my friends, have proved it. Thank you kindly.

Eric M. Williams

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