Re: “28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney,”

I think that the mainstream media (TV and large newspapers) are fearing a public backlash to their misleading of the public about Obama’s record and life story.

In a truly free society, a boycott of the mainstream media might be enough to right some wrongs, but I cannot help but wonder if there is a law that is supposed to prevent the mainstream media from intentionally misleading the public. The consequences have certainly been bad enough (dramatic rise of welfare and food stamp recipients, real unemployment above 20 percent, the nation being on the brink of bankruptcy, the trashing of our Constitution, etc.) to at least merit some discussion on this subject. I was thinking of some type of Good Samaritan law, an obligation for journalists to actually do their jobs. Perhaps, something similar to an attorney being bar certified?

Where does the First Amendment (freedom of the press) stop, and the rights of citizens to be properly informed begin? I’m not certain that new legislation from our current Congress can resolve this issue.

Back to the subject of large newspapers flipping to Romney. I suspect that if Romney wins, the mainstream media are going to turn on Obama, big time. We are likely to see a ton of stuff come out as an attempt by the mainstream media to salvage some kind of reputation as trusted news sources. I’m really not good at predicting things, so I could be 180 degrees out on this one.

Ray Makuch

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