Karl Rove is a washed-up hack who is just as guilty for the fall of the empire. He helped with the take down – propaganda on Fox, playing the game in D.C., no better than the rest of the hacks. Get them out of Washington, clean the slate to build anew.

Rove wants Jeb Bush in 2016, hoping that the nation goes so far south it will be an easy win for Bush. Tell him to forget about it. Won’t happen. We need a Marco Rubio on the ticket.

I am an Independent who is disgusted with politics and politicians. Sick of lies, fraud, spending and cover-ups. Both sides! Burn the place down, let the left run the table. Let Rome burn and fall. We will all be better off as we rise from the ashes. Liberals want to run us into the ground – so be it. Time to stop fighting and getting nothing done. They all pad their pockets while fleecing ours.

Enough of the game. Tell the right to “stand down”; let the left hang and eat themselves.

Rosemary Weamert

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