A man identified as a leader of an Islamic movement inside Israel says that Muslims have been very tolerant about insults to their prophet, Muhammad, but the video “Innocence of Muslims” just took the rhetoric too far.

“Don’t touch our prophet,” Sheikh Abdullah Nimr Darwish said in a report in Israel Today. “In recent years our prophet was defamed again and again and that offends. But this time they went too far.”

He was citing the now-discredited opinion expressed for several weeks by the Obama administration that the attacks on U.S. facilities in Libya were because of the video project.

Evidence has revealed that the attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were organized terror attacks on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Washington.

Darwish said, ” In the U.S., they breathe democracy and freedom of speech, but the controversial Muhammad movie crossed the line. The Quran and our prophet, Muhammad, are a red line. Blasphemy against any religion and their prophets is a red line.”

He said, “The ones who spurred the protests were Islamic fringe groups. And they will pull us into hell. So I warn the West: Don’t give these militant groups ammunition. And don’t touch our prophet!”

Also interviewed by the publication was Sheikh Kamal Khatib.

He said, “I understand the rage but I don’t justify the violence. I am enraged against America, but the ambassador to Libya should not have been murdered. He was an official envoy of a state. Such a person must not be killed; that’s what Islam says.”

Also trotting out the idea that a movie prompted the rage, violence and murder, he said, “I saw the movie. The ones who wanted to ridicule the prophet achieved the exact opposite. Now more people are interested in our prophet and his religion. This will make Islam stronger.

“When the prophets of Allah are ridiculed, like Mohammed, Jesus and Moses, somebody went too far,” he said. “That’s why I don’t accept Obama’s call to respect freedom of speech. In fact, the Americans and Europeans create laws that restrict freedom of speech to advance their own interests. But when it concerns the prophet Muhammed, they do nothing.”

The Israel Today report noted that three years ago, Khatib caused a stir by telling Israel Radio that Palestinians were descendants of Jebusites, which would stake a claim to the Middle East land prior to the Jews.

The report said some 1.3 million Muslims are citizens of the state of Israel, and it’s ironic that they might be the only Muslims who enjoy true democracy in their native country.

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