Rush Limbaugh

The General Petraeus sex scandal is the hottest story on talk radio right now. Rush Limbaugh noted sadly that it took a sordid real life “soap opera” to finally get the average American to care about Benghazi (FREE audio).

On the bright side, a self-described “black conservative ditto head” was just elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives. She called to thank Rush for providing a daily education in “advanced conservative studies.”

Christmas came early to Limbaugh’s show this week, when he unveiled his latest song parody, “Baracka-Claus Is Coming to Town” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

After their disappointing loss on Nov. 6, many Republicans want the GOP to embrace “amnesty” in an attempt to attract Latino voters. Michael Savage is definitely not one of those political establishment types, whom he calls “delusional.”

“Amnesty is a big lie,” Savage explained, reminding his audience that previous “amnesties” did nothing to either stem the tide of illegal immigration or prompt Latinos to suddenly vote Republican (FREE audio).

In a recent interview to mark the release of his new book “Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays,” Savage sagely observed that much of the West’s current problems trace their origins to the so-called “sexual liberation movement” of the 1960s and ’70s: “You’ll notice that in all of these constrictions – or restrictions – on our freedoms, the tightening noose of Big Brother or Big Sis, there’s no suggestion that there’s any control upon our ability to engage in any type of sexual activity whatsoever, whether it be with multiple partners, with animals, even with children. Yes, there are laws, but they seem to be looking the other way. What’s happening here is quite obvious to me and has been for many, many decades now – which is that some of our most intelligent citizens, who would otherwise be the strongest civil libertarians, happen to be gay and are obsessed with gay ‘marriage’ and so-called gay rights. As a result, some of these most activist, intelligent people are not there for us, and therefore our society is being turned into a sort of prison camp.”

Sean Hannity

Hannity advised the Republican House to use what power they have to put the brakes on Obama’s second-term plans.

“Republicans need an aggressive PR campaign to offset the president’s attacks,” he told his audience. “Somebody needs to ask the president about our massive debt and the fact that our deficit has grown so much in the past four years,” adding, “It’s obvious that [Obama is] determined to engage in class warfare” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

With Israel defending itself from attack once more, Aaron Klein is the ideal talk radio host to turn to for the latest, most accurate news and analysis. For one thing, he is one of the few Western broadcasters with access to top Hamas officials, who’ve informed him that “the group is likely to use antiaircraft and other advanced missiles against IAF airplanes operating over the Gaza Strip.”

On his most recent show, Klein also asked the chief of Hamas to comment on Obama’s reelection. He then looked into charges that “dirty tricks” at polling stations and new voter ID laws (or the lack thereof) helped the president win a second term (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“What a man. What a family. What a call.”

Mark Levin was humbled by a conversation with a Gold Star father, who offered his own perspective on “the Benghazi debacle.”

The caller reminded everyone that heroic Americans lost their lives defending the consulate, and their families deserve answers as to what really happened during the massacre, no matter how painful the truth may be (FREE audio).

Levin also warned listeners that “once the big Obama policies kick in” during the president’s second term, “it’s gonna be a real kick in the teeth” for anyone who treasures free enterprise, liberty and other American values (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Always outspoken, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) castigated the White House for trying to stonewall investigations into the Benghazi cover up.

“What the Obama camp calls politicizing,” said King, “is called fact-finding in a democracy.”

Glenn Beck

Beck served up an in-depth breakdown of the Petraeus scandal (FREE audio).

“Petraeus was set to be the key witness in the Benghazi testimony this week,” he said. “But wouldn’t you know it, the FBI … accidentally stumbled upon some private emails and determined that he was having an affair.”

“What are the odds?” Beck asked.

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