By Jonathan S. Tobin

Hamas’ decision to launch a rocket offensive against Israel did a favor for Iran, the country that has supplied the terror group with cash and weapons for a decade: It diverted international attention away from the release of a new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency about the Iranian nuclear program.

That’s fortuitous for Iran, since the IAEA’s latest findings about Tehran’s project more or less confirm the warnings that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued from the podium of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September.

As Britain’s Guardian reports, all those pundits and kibitzers who mocked Netanyahu’s rhetoric and graphic display at the U.N. may need to rethink their position.

“Iran has expanded its enrichment capacity and is enriching uranium at a pace that would bring it to what Israel has declared an unacceptable red line in just over seven months,” the Guardian reported. “The red line drawn by Israel’s prime minister . . . during his U.N. appearance in September represented 240kg of 20-percent-enriched uranium, enough to make a warhead if further enriched to weapons grade.

“The sensitivity of [the] 20 percent uranium figure is that it can be turned into weapons grade relatively fast and easily. . . .

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