So, we now see that Farah’s grand 2008 plan was a big bomb. He promised back in 2008 that the way to victory was to not back McCain so that Obama would win. Then after a four-year disaster, people would flock back to the Republican Party to take the government back. How’s that working for you, Joe?

So who or what is to blame for this disaster? The same two groups – ultra-conservative Christians and the Ron Paul wacks. The ultra-conservative Christians stayed home rather than vote for a Mormon. This can be proven by all the state pro-gay marriage laws that passed, which NEVER happened before – not even in California.

Then there is the supposedly pro-life Ron Paul group. An accurate poster for this group would have been Paul holding a baby with a caption reading, “Do what I say or this baby gets it.” Well, the Republicans went with their voters rather than the Paul blackmail/Chicago thuggery. And Paul then refused to endorse Romney, which gave the OK to his Kool-Aid-drinking followers to not vote or write in names, thus helping to ensure four more years of Obama and millions more dead babies. But what is a few dead babies when Ron Paul has his ego on the line? So their blood is all over Paul and his followers … NO ONE ELSE.

Michael Barrett

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