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Blame the religious right

I see WND is still searching for the scapegoat to blame for what happened in the 2012 election. Rather than admit that the religious right is once again at fault for electing Obama, WND, like any good Christian-oriented organization, searches for someone else to blame.

James Dobson, well, he admits the religious right did not vote for Romney and then blames Romney for not exciting them. Why should anyone have to excite the ones who claim to have “the answer”? Farah looks everywhere, blaming fraud, claiming the voting machines were rigged. And now the latest WND story blames the computer get-out-the-vote system and Romney.

Four and a half million fewer voted for Obama in 2012 than 2008. That is the 4.5 million religious right who were fooled by Obama in 2008 (like Rick Warren). But rather than go for Romney they sat out and didn’t vote, mainly because he was a Mormon. So sitting out was essentially a vote for Obama.

The religious right needs to man up and for one time and accept the blame instead of trying to shift it somewhere else. It wasn’t Romney, or fraud, or the computers … IT WAS YOU.

Michael Barrett