I recommend you consider removing Richard Rives as a contributor to WND.

He is on the edge of the edge of conservative Christianity. It’s sort of like mixed martial arts in the world of sports … dramatic, maybe exciting to some, but not a true sport in the traditional sense. The average sports fan will not walk into an MMA arena to watch a fight.

His writings and videos merely serve to stir up arguments about the law among believers and little else. The apostle Paul clearly warns against such things. Such “inside” debates place walls where they should not be and are more appropriate for seminary hallways, not the marketplace.

More importantly, WND has the potential of reaching millions who may be seeking truth, whether it’s in the political or cultural realms – or spiritual realm, which includes the first two.

WND has great opportunity to be an ambassador for truth, and I hope you will consider this request.

Bob Schissler

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