Like surely millions of others, I’m deeply disappointed with Ohama’s election, feeling Romney would be better by any measure. And I’m sure a feeling of resentment toward Obama supporters is natural. But what I’ve come to feel lately is a certain satisfaction, knowing Obama’s supporters are going to enjoy life a lot less.

Everything they buy will cost more if it arrives by gasoline or diesel transport. It will be more difficult to find and keep a job as employers are cutting back or moving overseas to avoid Obama’s increasing regulations. And employers remaining will hire newly immigrated millions because they will work for lower wages. All kinds of doctors have already said they will quit medicine rather than practice under Obamacare fee guidelines.

But hey, Obama has a winning smile, an attractive family and gives a great speech. And apparently the origins and background he has carefully concealed is of no interest to you. So you elected him. OK. Now we’ll see if you like what happens next. And remember, you asked for it.

Laurence W.

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