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Cross found may be one stolen in Mojave Desert in 2010

(Los Angeles Times) When Henry and Wanda Sandoz erected a cross on a rocky outcropping in the Mojave National Preserve, they intended for it to last. They gathered on Palm Sunday 1998, just off Cima Road south of Interstate 15 at a place known as Sunrise Rock, and hoisted the welded steel pipe cross to its foundation, some 30 feet above the floor of the desert, and bolted it to the granite and filled it with concrete.

Twelve years later, thieves had a different plan for the cross. Cutting the bolts, they toppled it from its perch and took it away. In spite of a $25,000 reward for its recovery at the time, no solid leads materialized.

On Monday in Northern California, however, officials found a cross that is believed to be the Mojave cross.