At the Democratic National Convention, for the first time in my memory the Democrats endorsed publicly as a party same-sex marriage, the homosexual lifestyle and abortion at any trimester.

God has emphatically declared that what they have endorsed is an abomination in His eyes, and He will allow any people or any nation that practices such abominations to be destroyed, not blessed by a holy and sovereign God.

Are we being realistic when we think God will continue to bless our nation by turning our economy around when so many voters in our nation are more concerned about electing someone who will improve our economy than they are in stopping our rebellion against the very sins that have destroyed all nations that have practiced such abominations?

Until we genuinely repent of our rebellion and stop the killing of those precious babies in the womb, the sexual perversion that is running rampant and stop rebelling against the precepts of a holy and sovereign God, I feel that God is going to allow our nation to continue on the path of destruction and corruption that we now find ourselves on.

L. Fields

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