I thought I would write you a short email concerning Pat Robertson’s comments on the dinosaurs. It is unfortunate that we have Christians out there in the media that don’t read their Bibles (or don’t understand what they read).

The Bible mentions dinosaurs numerous times in the Old Testament. They were called “dragons.” Daniel killed a dragon by mixing certain elements (pitch, fat and hair) together and feeding this mixture to the dragon … when he was challenged to try to kill the royal dragon (a pet) by King Cyrus. God himself also describes two different dragons in the book of Job (Leviathan and Behemoth).

If you have the ability to contact Mr. Robertson, please send him this information. Dinosaurs are currently being unearthed with soft tissue and blood inside their bones. Blood and soft tissues do not last for “millions of years” … even if evolutionists want to “imagine so.” It is just not possible. At most these remains can only be a few thousand years old. The fossil records also show that man and dinosaurs lived together.

Not only the Bible, but throughout recorded secular history in just about every culture on earth there are accounts of men having to kill “dragons” that were plaguing their cities or towns. Pat Robertson needs to do some research – and then he can educate those that have not. The last thing we need is evangelists that cast doubt on both the Bible and human history.

Darrell E. Smith

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