The 2012 election was an open door for the GOP to lead America back to its roots in faith and morality, and the Republicans were AWOL, says Dr. James Dobson, founder of Family Talk and a brand new political outreach arm called Family Talk Action.

“I waited throughout the campaign for Mitt Romney to declare himself, to at least identify with the moral issues that are before us. He would not touch them,” Dobson said on a two-part radio program in which Penny Nance, head of Concerned Women for America, joined.

Dobson, whose advice about parenting, child-rearing, marriage and faith has guided millions of Americans and whose counsel on family matters has been sought by presidents, used two programs on his regular radio program, “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk” that were sponsored by his political action branch to comment on the re-election of Barack Obama.

He noted he and a handful of other conservative leaders, including Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Gary Bauer and Gen. William Boykin, had met with the GOP candidate to encourage him to address social issues important to Christians across the nation.

“We begged him to deal with eight issues. We listed first the sanctity of life, marriage, religious life, ‘Don’t Ask,’ ENDA, on it went,” Dobson said. “We said we really are not here to jump on you, but evangelicals are not excited about your candidacy, not energized. … You could connect if you’ll even mention these things.

“He nodded and he smiled and he was gracious as he always is, and he went out and was silent,” Dobson said.

The programs are available online in Part One and Part Two.

That the GOP would win such a race isn’t even in question, he suggested, citing the aggressive move by the Democratic Party away from Christian principles.

“Look at the platform and what they did at the convention,” Dobson said. “What has concerned me is that conservatives don’t seem to be aware of it.

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“[Democrats] changed four things. First is abortion for nine months. Do people realize what abortion at nine months would mean? You have to dismember a baby … a full-term probably health baby,” Dobson said.

“Then they announced Israel would not be able to keep its capital in Jerusalem. Since when does one sovereign nation get to tell another sovereign nation where it can put its capital?” he asked.

“Marriage. We know where they stand on same-sex marriage,” he said. “Then, they took the name of God out of the platform, and booed God when they put him back in there.”

The Democrats’ move was captured on video:

At their convention Charlotte, N.C., Democrat delegates booed, jeered and shook their fists when the chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, declared that an amendment to the party’s platform that restored a mention of God had been adopted.

It took the chairman calling for the vote three times before he could make the declaration that in his opinion, the ayes made up two-thirds of the vote.

After the first vote, which sounded like a dead heat between the yes and no votes, he said, “In the opinion of the … Let me do that again.”

The second vote sounded the same, and Villaraigosa looked offstage for help and advice.

A woman came up behind him and said, “Let them do what they’re going to do.”

On the third vote, Villaraigosa was prepared and stated that in his opinion, two-thirds of the voters said “aye,” apparently without considering the volume of the voice vote.

Shaking fists and jeers erupted before he could finish speaking.

The platform of the party drew nationwide astonishment just a day earlier when it removed a reference to God and a declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

The amendment, proposed by former Gov. Ted Strickland, chief of the platform committee, restored the notation that Americans were encouraged to reach their “God-given potential.”

It also recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Strickland didn’t offer an explanation for why God and Jerusalem were removed, explaining only that “our belief in God is central to our American story” and “the president recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and our party’s platform should as well.”

‎However, Obama’s position on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has been a point of contention. White House spokesman Jay Carney pointedly refused to state that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital when confronted by White House reporters, including WND’s Les Kinsolving.

The AP described the Democrats as “embarrassed” over the issue and explained that the language resurrected simply said: “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

Dobson’s guest, Penny Nance, noted that now America has a second-term president “who is the most radical president in the history of the U.S. on the issue of abortion. He believes in no limits on abortion. He actively worked against us when we tried to pass legislation that would prohibit abortion based on sex selection.”

She said abortion advocates like Sandra Fluke, who can afford “$40,000 or $50,000 for law school but can’t afford $9 for contraceptives at Wal-Mart,” were the stars for the Democrats.

But the Republicans were AWOL, she said.

“It makes me sick,” Dobson said.

Nance said Romney simply was unable to connect with the people who should have been enthused over a pro-life, pro-marriage agenda.

“His unwillingness to talk about anything but money was a fault,” Dobson said. “But more than that, he gave one speech for a year and a half, having to do with jobs and the economy and money. There’s more to be concerned about.”

Why Obama, again?

“It’s my speculation that American has turned its back on the principles that we have believed in for 230 years, and there’s a lot of wickedness going on out there. Fifty-five million babies have been murdered and we don’t think God sees that?” Dobson said.

Nance, however, said in her travels prior to the election, she saw signs of Gideon’s army, the Old Testament leader who won a major battle with only 300 fighters after sending home those God determined were not fully committed.

“There are churches that are so alive and seeking the Lord in all ways, through missions, outreach, caring for people – not through the government but on an individual basis,” she said.

And Dobson said the Christian community must follow its teachings; not compromise with the world.

“We’re all being told we’re out of step with reality, culture has gone away from us, and we need to join them. We cannot do that,” he said. “We need to stand for what’s right. If we never win another election, so be it.

“That’s up to God.”

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