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Dumb forgery at White House crime scene

Count on it. The devastating sworn statement by the chief investigator of Mr. Obama’s forged White House birth certificate, exclusively revealed by WND today, will not be mentioned by any mainstream news medium.

Only WND gives you the facts and goes where even Fox News wimpishly fears to tread. They cower; we report; you decide.

When the history of Obama’s fall comes to be written, WND’s revelation of Sheriff Arpaio cold-case posse chief Mike Zullo’s affidavit will be recorded as the moment the position of Black Jesus – as one of his staff dubbed him – became untenable.

Zullo’s gripping 6,000-word affidavit remorselessly chronicles ducking and diving by furtive Hawaiian state officials – Democrats to a man – who obstruct justice by not letting forensic experts inspect Obama’s original birth records.

The Zullo Memorandum reads like a top-notch thriller. But it is not fiction. The first question it will raise in readers’ minds has four words. Why hide genuine records?

If Obama’s birth records are the real deal, why won’t Hawaii let the scrutineers demonstrate that those the hard left dub “birthers” are indeed pointy-heads?

A fraud detective’s yardstick: Guys hiding stuff may have stuff to hide.

The Zullo Memorandum prompts another question – one raised by readers regardless of their opinion on the forgery.

What are the chances a forgery engaged in by one of the most powerful people in the world would be so bad?

How come the conspirators are extremely effective at keeping everything about their operations hidden, but inept at forging simple documents?

Here is the answer. The fraud sleuth’s null hypothesis is that the Fall of Man never happened, and everyone is as pure as the driven snow. The legal test for fraud is – rightly – so rigorous that detectives spend most of their time trying to exonerate those they investigate.

Most frauds follow a recognized profile involving an individual or small group surrounded by many useful idiots who, for social convenience, political predilection, or pure profit, ignore, excuse, or deny the fraud long after the evidence has become conclusive.

Frauds rarely involve crowds because keeping the secret gets harder with each conspirator.

For this reason, investigators trying to account for the facts tend to confine culpability to as few perps as possible.

With this in mind, here is my hypothesis. Last spring a poll found 62 percent did not believe Obama was born within Uncle Sam’s jurisdiction. His spin-doctors knew that – with the economy tanking, joblessness high and debt soaring – even the payroll and ethnic votes might not save him. He had to confront the birthplace issue.

One of them contacted Obama’s White House attorney, Judith Corley. She phoned and asked Hawaii’s health department if it was willing to issue certified copies of a long-form Hawaiian birth certificate.

We can imagine her request flung the department into a panic.

They knew Obama’s Hawaiian birth record validly granted him U.S. citizenship. Yet it did not certify he was born in Hawaii. As Zullo discovered, state law then granted Hawaiian birth certificates – and backdoor citizenship – to foreign-born children of Hawaiian parents.

So the birth record did not prove Obama met the Constitution’s rule that a president must be born within Uncle Sam’s jurisdiction. It proved the opposite.

Ms. Corley asked the department to email her a computerized image, to check that it really showed Obama was Hawaiian-born.

To buy time, the department said it would take days to hunt the document. Lights burned late that night as bureaucrats plotted what to do.

Someone knew a local graphic artist who was an Obama fanatic. The artist – perhaps with help – fabricated an electronic image.

The fabricatrix had to work fast. There was no time even to print out the bogus image and re-scan it to hide the many serious irregularities that any forensic expert would spot.

The department had told her the image would be emailed only to Ms. Corley, who was not expected to send it to anyone else.

Ms. Corley was content with what she saw, so she drafted a letter of request. Mr. Obama signed it. She took it to Hawaii. She paid $14 for two certified copies. The fact that she went personally shows how worried Obama was.

She reached the White House the afternoon before the birth-certificate press conference. Keeping one file copy, she gave the other to the press office, which asked to scan it for posting on the Web.

Ms. Corley said she already had an electronic image. She did not then know it was forged. Nor did the press office. Nor, perhaps, did Obama. The Zullo Memorandum carefully says the White House might or might not have known.

That, I hypothesize, is how a hasty forgery ended up on the White House website. As few as two people may have known: the forger and a health department official. No conspiracy, then, but a serious crime nonetheless.

If my readers send Ms. Corley a copy of the Zullo Memorandum, she will have evidence she has been duped. Her duty as an officer of the court outweighs her duty to her client. She must at once have the dumb forgery removed from the White House crime scene and then report the fraud.

If not, she and others who see Zullo’s affidavit and fail to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution will become accessories after the fact. The head of the Secret Service, for instance, has received several letters from my readers. It is his job to investigate dodgy identity docs. He has not even replied. So keep writing, freedom-fighters. Circulate the Zullo Memorandum. All across the ruling class, heads like his will roll. Count on it.

Since almost 300 readers took the trouble to comment on my piece last week on the forgery question, I have written a six-page memorandum entitled “Whitehousegate,” replying to some of the main points you have raised. It is here.

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