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Embrace the 'fiscal cliff'

(Tea Party Tribune) — America faces a Fiscal Cliff in January. Well, no, actually, it doesn’t. In politics, alarmist language – like elections – can have real consequences. Political spin can be deceitful. Shakespeare asked “What’s in a name? A rose is a rose is a rose. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This may be thought-provoking and controversial: Yet the Tea Party should embrace the “Fiscal Baby Step” coming on January 1, 2013. Republicans should do absolutely nothing and sit on their hands. One exception: When the next vote comes up to raise the debt limit, Republicans should vote against raising the debt limit. Then just let the consequences fall at the Democrats’ feet.

This vastly-misnamed “Fiscal Cliff” is the Tea Party’s friend. It was a condition we demanded in exchange for raising the debt ceiling in 2011. We insisted on it because conservatives wanted to ensure the national debt will be cut. Congress passed it in the Budget Control Act of 2011 as a fail-safe. The “Fiscal Cliff” was designed as a net under the trapeze artist, in case all other measures fail. Well, all other things did fail on November 6.