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Founding Fathers never voted by computer

Our Founding Fathers did not envision computers. Votes were to be put in a locked box and written by pencil on paper. Men with personal integrity would be counting the vote.

How stupid are we to think we can use computers to fulfill their dream? So long as there are hackers, we can’t trust the computer systems. In October, Obama signed an executive order to control cyber war and cyber terrorism. He had control over the very system that elected him. We can’t say Obama won through computer glitches, but we can’t say he didn’t, either.

The Electoral College does not vote until Dec. 17. Who are they? Do they have a chairman, a governor, a spokesman?

If “We the People” can prove that touch-screen voting produced many errors, can they accept the errors? Or can someone call for a revote – with pencil and paper, as our forefathers wrote the law? A revote wouldn’t change anything? I just can’t accept that the American people are this gullible.

Charlotte Vogel