(SEATTLEDOGSHOW.ORG/DOGS-OF-WAR/) — Terrier terrors or terrific terriers, Fala, Willie and Telek all enjoyed something in common – they were front and center on the world’s biggest stage, no matter where they were accompanying their owners, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gen. George S. Patton or Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, respectively.

Kinsolving takes the reader through a kaleidoscope of funny, frustrating and even fiery accounts of each celebrated dog’s role in its owner’s life, chiefly in association with World War II.

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Terriers, as anyone who has owned one knows, are challenging packages that develop a Velcro-like bond with their owner. In each of these cases, the owner had plenty of support staff, some of whom were assigned to dog duty for a few hours or a day, which proved a test beyond what some ever imagined.

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