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Giving thanks in a godless nation

Mr. Joseph Farah,

Yes, my family is also thankful for all the blessings our Lord has bestowed upon us and our entire nation.

We too are thankful for the awakening of our nation to the godless leadership that has taken our nation asunder! I pray that our national awakening is not too late! We are thankful for this medium provided by Mr. Joseph Farah and his great staff to bring your message of “national awakening” to this latest calamity of the election of a godless traitor to lead our nation.

We are only now beginning to recognize the series of calamities that have befallen our nation – too coincidental with our national rejection of God!  We pray to our Almighty God that the awakening process is not too late!

On this Thanksgiving Day, we “give thanks” for the opportunity to correct our godless ways and to restore our nation as a God-fearing and God-honoring nation once again. Through the grace of God, we will find a way to cast out the evil ones who are dominating our national scene. May God have mercy on our citizens who seem to have lost their way!

A happy Thanksgiving Day to you, Mr. Farah, your family and our wayward nation that is struggling to restore our formerly God-fearing and God-honoring nation.

Jack Sherratt