It is God that raises up leaders and brings leaders down. God has allowed Obama to be re-elected, and the sooner we who are truly Christians realize and accept this truth the sooner we will stop being so depressed, so anxious and so discouraged over what has happened to our once blessed nation.

God is in complete control of what He has allowed to happen. He always does what will ultimately bring Him all the glory and honor, but at the same time always does all things for the good of His people that are called by His name.

Obama is simply an instrument in God’s hands that is being used to chastise and punish our nation for its rebellion against His precepts and that has no remorse or guilt for wanting to be governed by a president that hates what God loves and loves what God hates. God has simply allowed our nation to be ruled by the kind of leader that the majority of the people wanted as their president.

God’s abandonment of our nation for a season may be just what is needed to awaken our apathetic, rebellious, self-serving, materialistic idol-worshipping people out of their stupor – and by taking away all the blessings God has bestowed on our nation that we have taken for granted for so long, God’s wrath and chastisement will cause His people who have rebelled against His precepts for so long to finally see themselves as God sees them, humble themselves, repent, and turn back to serving and worshipping God instead of following after evil and corrupt leaders that hate God and all He stands for.

May God be merciful as He pours out His wrath on our unrepentant.

Larry Fields

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