[To Joseph Farah:] It’s probably a little late to be getting on Karl Rove’s case but you seem to be the only one besides myself that finds him accountable for pretty much all of our woes. I have despised him since the beginning of GWB’s second term. So while you are lambasting him, please do not forget to hold him accountable for all of GWB’s wishy-washy middle-of-the-road, cave-to-the-left stances as well. If he would have taken a harder line against Barney Frank and company in 2006, we would have never suffered the economic meltdown we are now entrenched in with this whacko communist president, as well as appointing and not subsequently firing Bernanke.

Of course there is much much more, but if you would like to do some digging, there is much to hold Rove to the fire on besides this election. Let’s face it – instead of Bush, Obama ran against Rove’s record this time, and that is how he won. But I think it is much more than that. It is the spineless wimps that run the GOP.

I cannot believe how I have witnessed the GOP self-destruct over the past 12 years. I bailed as a registered Republican and use Reagan’s words about the Democrats as to why I left.

Just wanted to give you some kudos for having the insight as to what is actually taking place.

Christian Withington

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