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Grand Old Pander Party

What a demoralizing and disgusting sight the GOP has become.

Whether or not their candidate was a favorite or whether or not he won isn’t the issue.

The issue is the core values of the party and what the party represents.

It appears to my jaundiced eye that the GOP stands for waffling, capitulation, equivocation and surrender.

Some might call it a “sell-out.”

None of that is appealing, but since it’s the image projected to the world at large, it seems to me, the party deserved to lose.

The GOP bottom-line strategy seems to be either they win or they change their beliefs to mirror the opposition, hoping to win the next time.

Fat chance.

If they’re unhappy that party members, conservatives, tea-party advocates and independents stayed home this year because of dissatisfaction with the wishy-washy, just-be-nice tack of the campaign, they’ll be in for a real shock next election if they move left now.

Unfortunately, they started moving left even before the polls closed. Among the first words from House Speaker John Boehner were that the GOP is ready for the president to lead.

What do you mean John, like leading sheep to slaughter?

I guess it all depends on your definition of “lead.” Obama has had four years “leading us down the primrose path” to socialism. Since the GOP still has control of the House, why is it so ready to cave – two months before the next inauguration?

You don’t think it has anything to do with immigration, do you?

You don’t think the estimates that 70 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama has the GOP shaking in their boots, do you?

You don’t think that they are ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, do you?

Si, si senor. Por supuesto. Cada dia.

They have no shame.

The big name for it all is “comprehensive immigration reform.” The problem is, no one knows exactly what it means because it all depends on who is saying those words.

Ah, yes, secure the border. What does that mean?

Perhaps, a great big fence that’s impossible to breach? How about an electric fence? Is that even possible?

Lots of Border Patrol all along the border? How many is enough? On duty, 24/7? Is there a budget for it? Are there enough qualified people?

What would they do? Would they be armed, as many are today, with bean bags?

If they had real guns, could they actually use them, or would they need special permission every time the need arose? How do you define “need”?

What about the fact that the Border Patrol is not permitted to patrol on millions of acres of federally owned land – national parks, national monuments and other federal designations?

Did you know that?

Do you realize that prohibition means that illegals, human smugglers and the drug cartels – to say nothing of terrorists – have free access to our country on land the feds own?

Does it bother you that the feds allow it to happen, no one talks about it and the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, says the border is safer than ever?

Tell that to dead and injured Border Patrol officers and American citizens living in border counties who are in danger every day on their own property.

Everyone prattles on and on about Mexican illegals – and yes, the majority are Mexicans.  But illegals also are from Central and South America as well as the Middle East, the Far East and Europe.

I have seen photographs of groups of drug runners who are Chinese.

Ever hear politicians talk about that? No.

Ever hear politicians – from the president on down, in both parties – talk about immigration in terms other than referring to the border crossers as people “seeking a better life”? No.

I guess they are – whether they want to work in fast foods, or make multi-billions moving drugs. It all depends on your definition of a better life.

The GOP plans to start pandering to Hispanics by amending the visa lottery plan and open more immigration to highly educated tech people.

Nothing wrong with that since such people most likely won’t go on welfare.

But if they get away with this finesse, it clears the way for Obama’s goal of amnesty – giving away American citizenship to people who least deserve it. To people who broke our laws to get here and who live here skirting all kinds of laws and talking advantage of our fool-hearty largesse.

Consider the Secure Communities Program – supposed to ID immigrants who break the law and whom the administration decides to deport.

Thousands were deported, but many weren’t. The House Judiciary Committee noted that of the 47,000 illegals the administration was told about but didn’t deport, the recidivism rate was 16 percent, and included additional crimes: 19 murders, three attempted murders and 142 sex crimes.

As reported in the Washington Times, they were part of the 160,000 immigrants not eligible for deportation or released by the administration, who went on to commit 60,000 more crimes.

Ah, but it’s all about votes, not about right and wrong, not about the law, not about safety for our citizens, not about the security of our country.

If Republican leaders continue the path to easing things for illegals, they’re proving they’re sell-outs and frauds with no backbone.

If this gang had been in charge during World War II, we never would have won.

What a sad and reprehensible reflection of how far down the ladder of courage they have come.

God bless America yes, but God help America.

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