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Hamas to target Tel Aviv, assassinate Israeli figures?

TEL AVIV – The Hamas leadership in Gaza is currently studying the possibility of firing rockets toward Tel Aviv, assassinating Israeli figures or launching suicide bombings inside Israel, according to senior Hamas members speaking to WND.

Also being debated by Hamas is the immediate use of anti-aircraft and other advanced missiles to target Israel Air Force operations over the Gaza Strip, the Hamas members said.

The decisions are being made during urgent meetings after Israel today eliminated Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas’s so-called military wing. Israel also launched dozens of surgical strikes in Gaza targeting the Hamas militant infrastructure.

The Israeli strikes come after Hamas launched more than 120 rockets and mortars from Gaza aimed at nearby Jewish civilian population zones since last Thursday.

The senior Hamas members said their group is simultaneously holding meetings between its own political and jihadist leadership as well as separate consultations with other Gaza-based jihad groups, including the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.

Hamas is in contact with neighboring Egypt to determine whether and how the new Egyptian government will back Hamas in any conflict with Israel, the Hamas members said.

According to the senior Hamas members speaking to WND, the responses Hamas is currently debating launching against Israel include:

Further, the senior Hamas members said the group is likely to use anti-aircraft and other advanced missiles against IAF airplanes operating over the Gaza Strip.

Israel today attacked some 20 underground sites where both Hamas and Islamic Jihad hid Iranian-provided Fajr rockets.

It was unclear whether the Israel Defense Forces was planning a ground invasion. There are reports that reservists have been called up and put on notice for possible mobilization.

The IDF told reporters today it is prepared for a ground operation in Gaza, if necessary.

“All options are on the table,” an IDF spokesman said. “If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.”