The WND pieces today, “America pronounces judgment on itself,” “Limbaugh: ‘Very difficult to beat Santa Claus'” and “The future of the tea party” hold a lot of truth. The long-term trends in the United States are very pro-socialism, pro-statism, pro-Marxism and dismal.

I think one of the key causes and solutions is obvious. As long as Americans put about 88 percent of all their children in 12 years of thoroughly State-run statist/socialist/neo-Marxist education and indoctrination centers (i.e., public schools), it is going to be very difficult to turn things around. For the long-term health (i.e., spiritual, political, economic) of the nation, perhaps all men and women who understand this concept should be firmly and proactively urging all liberty-loving, Constitution-respecting and supposedly Bible-believing parents to engage their children in home-based education (aka, homeschooling) or put their children in private schools that are liberty-loving or biblical at their core. I see almost no other way for a long-term change.


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