WASHINGTON – Things are looking bleak for Republicans and conservatives around the country after the 2012 election.

But there is a Plan B, says Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who says House Republicans alone have it in their power to kill Obamacare, cut $1 trillion in borrowing and spending and start the nation’s return to constitutionally limited government with one vote.

That vote, he says, is a rejection of raising the debt limit – thereby denying Obama the funds he needs for Obamacare and “a thousand other programs that are wasteful, unconstitutional, immoral and about to take the country off the fiscal cliff.”

Is there a chance Republicans will do it?

“It will happen only if Americans rise up in big numbers and demand it of them,” he says. “Republicans have it in their power. They only need an injection of courage.”

That’s where the “No More Red Ink” campaign comes in – a program launched by Farah in January 2011 to persuade the new Republican-controlled House to freeze the debt limit thereby dramatically slashing spending and effectively balancing the budget overnight.

“Many people responded to this plan over the last two years, but not enough,” said Farah. “But, quite honestly, this is the only game left in town. Republicans and conservatives can watch their country go down the drain slowly over the next four years, or they can take action and demand that Republicans use the power they have and live up to their own rhetoric by stopping the borrowing madness right now.”

The problem is, Farah says, that the House Republican leadership is afraid of the media – afraid of how such a radical action will be portrayed and perceived. They’re also afraid it will create more dislocation and the terminations of hundreds of thousands of government workers in Washington.

“When I think about the risks our founders took 246 years ago and compare that with the timidity of our elected officials today, it’s enough to make me sick,” Farah said. “We need to upset the applecart. We need to stop business as usual in Washington. We need to get on offense. We need to start taking some risks. We need to challenge the status quo. We need to do all of this because borrowing more money is simply unsustainable, immoral and catastrophic to the future of our country. It’s time to put Republicans to the test: Are they men or are they mice? Do they really believe in constitutionally limited government or don’t they? If we cannot persuade them to do the right thing, then, frankly, this experiment known as the United States of America is already over.”

So far House Republicans have been flooded with more than 1.5 million letters calling on them to freeze borrowing through the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

Farah says a few million more right now could make all the difference – and that”s what the “No More Red Ink” campaign is all about.

“It’s got new life after the election,” Farah said. “People are realizing this is the only game left in town. If we want to stop Obama, if we want to stop the crazy borrowing, if we want to stop Obamacare, if we want to stop the insane spending, we need to give the Republicans a backbone injection.”

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