Hello, Mr. Farah.

This is not a joke. I’ve written to you before, so I hope you know I’m a concerned constitutional conservative, a purchaser, subscriber and regular reader.

I detect great concern amongst us today that there may have been a massive fraud perpetrated on our American election just past. There are too many puzzles that simply don’t make sense.

Chief among those concerns is the apparent discrepancy in the vote totals. How did Romney wind up with fewer total popular votes than McCain? There was far more enthusiasm, and nobody heard any complaints from conservatives that they were going to “sit this one out to teach Republicans a lesson” like we heard in 2008. Even the evangelical community committed to vote for a theological adversary because of shared American values, in full recognition that defeating Obama was paramount. Beyond that, the Senate losses in Indiana and Wisconsin seem nonsensical to me, among many others.

Everything I heard, saw and read related that this election was America’s last exit to escape doom, and it was understood that this election was only D-Day, the first day on the road to Restoration. It was also widely understood that if D-Day failed, all could or would be lost – just as in World War II. And yet, with all the lead-up for 3-plus years, the GOP was slaughtered on the beaches.

Well, if it meant that much to us, surely it meant as much to them.

You know full well the depth of evil they are capable of doing. You have pushed more than anyone else (and I have supported you) Obama’s constitutional ineligibility. If such a massive fraud could be pulled off there, is pulling off another massive fraud out of the question for this “most important election of our lifetimes”? I think they are capable of it. As you know, once criminals get away with a big crime, they move on to bigger crimes. I believe they are capable of doing it, whether or not they can pull it off. I say, they would if they could.

So, could they? Did they?


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