People like Obama, despite his failures and infidelities to our country, so it was difficult for them to dump him like an old husband.  They were still masochistically attached to his half-truths, his economic failures, his divisiveness and his sneering narcissism.  They were afraid of divorcing him – that they would miss some failed quality that they didn’t appreciate enough.

And they were worried that cheating with Mitt Romney would make them seem adulterous.  Even though Mitt was laced in encomiums of successes and economic accomplishments, they felt bad about leaving their old flame, their ex-lying, unsuccessful, cheating president.

It was hard for these Democrats and groupies to let go. They couldn’t leave Obama, even though Romney was a real man (a combination of Gary Grant and John Wayne) who didn’t think that all rules were made to be broken and that same-sex marriage and free contraception weren’t the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If only Democrats would have let Obama go and married Mitt.

David Lawrence

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