Freedom-loving Louisiana residents have alighted upon the inevitable rational solution: secession from the union saves Lady Liberty and free enterprise [“Now many states want to secede from U.S.”]. These days, state secession may be the only political and economic question worth debating what with a communist president and the malicious lefties and spineless RINO sellouts in Congress and the federal courts.

However, don’t expect Limbaugh, Hannity or Ingraham to field a secession debate on the radio, even though the United States is de facto two feuding countries within one entity. Leftist America is addicted to confiscated wealth, bloated government and political cultism. Conservative America despises and fears rogue statism and yearns to be left alone and free to thrive.

Compromise is capitulation. Consider that past compromises between leftist progressives and RINOs led by House Speaker Boehner have only yielded more Orwellian torment for ordinary citizens, more trillions of debt foisted upon younger generations and more vandalism to liberty, core values, economic freedom and living standards.

Enough is enough. So, let’s call this marriage union of the several states quits because of irreconcilable differences, and go our separate ways peacefully sans Washington. All things considered, is there any other real choice for conservative and libertarian Americans if they want to stay free and prosper or leave a future worth living to their children and grandchildren? What has our half or more of the nation got to lose? The Washington careerists have already flushed the America we loved down the toilet.


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