I recently read your story “Muslim Brotherhood now targeting Jordan” and wanted to comment.

I generally found this article an “alarmist” view of certain facts. I am living in Jordan, have for some time, and I found myself thinking this author was talking about a different country. Some of his facts I think are straight, but one glaring error is that the Muslim Brotherhood did not cut all the roads to Jordan cities. If my parents read this article, they would be panicking big time for our safety as he makes this country sound like it is on par with Syria up north.

From our impression, including our viewing some of the protests firsthand, they were rougher than usual on Tuesday in the outlying areas, but all other areas have been relatively quiet, and Amman was downright boring, especially on Friday.

I appreciate WND and its commitment to accurate reporting, and I hope it will get further confirmation of such inflammatory accusations as this author states, before publishing such articles.

David Smith

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