Joseph, you nailed it … again. [“Who blew the chance to dump Obama?”]

I remember watching Karl Rove on Fox one evening a few months ago. Something he said made me think that he was operating from the past decade, not the current one. Then I got caught up in the BAU (business as usual) reporting. My gut instinct was right. Lesson learned: Lynne, listen to your gut.

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to read “Fool Me Twice.” In retrospect, another error in judgment. As soon as I saw the tweets and articles coming out the day after the election announcing layoffs, I knew. I’ve ordered the book. Had “they” used the contents of that book in the campaign, many wouldn’t have felt blindsided by the layoffs.

A friend of mine who walks very closely with the Lord said, before the election, that if Obama were re-elected, it would be another sign that this country is under the Lord’s judgment. If Romney were elected, we would be under His grace. The results are in.

Just as He protected the children of Israel during the plagues, so too, will He protect His faithful ones in these days.

Lynne Schultz

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