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Keep it simple and bold


It’s been needed to be said for a long time. GOP leadership needs a thorough housecleaning.

And not just because of the election night defeat.

This is the due legacy of “neo-cons,” a strain of conservatism that has infected the core values of the right with a flawed “process”-based mentality.

Republicans will never win a process game – or the ground game, for that matter, what with a plethora of precinct-stuffing captains, all Democrat.

What is needed is something Bobby Jindal is saying, but not defining: Vision.

Vision does not mean “strategy.” It does mean: Simple, Bold Ideas with a pathway to Execution.

Start with the tax code and one objective: simplification.

Run on the next two years leading up to the mid-terms with simplification as the mantra. Lower rates and closing of loopholes will automatically follow.

After that, leading up the 2016 presidential race, run on term limits.

These two alone would insure a groundswell of support, from all parties and factions, and would comprise a winning coalition.

Keep it simple. Bold. And under NEW leadership.