(LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL) — When some stores opened on Thanksgiving Day, bleeding Black Friday into Black Thursday, many observers lamented the latest sign that Americans’ lives are being increasingly crammed with the business of busy-ness.

More and more holidays are becoming days of shopping and other business, and Sundays long ago ceased to be quiet days of rest and worship.

A Kentucky doctor and author is part of a growing movement in the opposite direction.

The doctor’s prescription: Keep a Sabbath.

The principle is at least as valid today as it was in ancient times when it was incorporated in the Ten Commandments, says Matthew Sleeth of Wilmore, Ky., a former emergency-room doctor who launched a Christian ministry to promote environmental care.

“Now we’re consuming seven days a week,” said Sleeth, author of the new book, “24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life.”

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