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Keyes is right

For those one-liner GOP troll cheerleaders who just didn’t get that it’s not all about being on the team, no matter how that team evolves season to season, they should read an Alan Keyes column or two [“Now’s the time to fight pallbearers of liberty”].

It’s easy to write a column for a Rush, Levin or a Hannity because they always fall back to, “At least we’re better than those Marxits” – but that one sentiment has forgiven everything the GOP has evolved to become immoral about to the exclusion of only fiscal issues.

It’s all about the money, stupid, or more for those who already have it.

Sorry, socialists, but what made you think the dollar ever owed a damn cent to Marxist ideology? And now the river of money seeking its own level has to flow back.

Greed is only a Faustian tool, and now the devil has come to collect.

Now what the GOP all but seems to take delight in is that many unwashed workers supporting families (where the feminists haven’t kicked them out) are now working for minimum wage.

But, don’t worry, minimum part-time wagers, keep your back to the grindstone and you will soon all be millionaires, because that was Reagan’s dream (the co-author of free trade).

Only trouble is that although people’s greed has always proven to be their “own” blinkered downfall, the U.S. economy no longer operates in a world vacuum without such a giant player as slave-labor Communist China.

Now, if North America had an Alan Keyes at the time of the Marxist American (post-Europe and pre- Asian) invasions and first Satanic world tour, the common (still) state-uneducated unwashed would have learned how to think, not follow, and to not come to the conclusion that there is only one choice of the two extreme self-interested groups.

Alan, you are superbly and quite capably on the right track.

Paul Gordon