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Long before the '60s ...

Regarding Ben Kinchlow’s column “It’s your fault”:

Ben, you need to set the “way back” machine a little earlier to get to the crux of the matter. The ’60s wasn’t a spontaneous movement.

European anti-Christian Marxists moved into the U.S, much earlier than the ’60s and bred like rats, while North American courageous men and boys went off to fight the problems Marxist socialism spawned overseas.

They were successful on many fronts, like unionizing targets of high-paying jobs with good, extorted returns for their political arm; early Hollywood and revolutionary bad entertainment; revolutionary sex, drugs and rock music to feed the hedonistic, narcissistic appetite of human nature in the weakest of characters; through liberal government-establishment news agencies, like public television; and through pie in the sky health, pension and education Ponzi schemes that still pile up old debts and new debts into the brick wall of 2012.

Paul Gordon