Michael Savage

Savage denounced “the crime families running America today” – namely, “the criminal enterprise called the federal government, plus the state governments and local city government” (FREE audio).

The host denounced the government’s relentless extortion of taxpayers, which resembles a Mafia shakedown: “The gang running the country has an estate tax of 35 percent, which they want to raise to 55 percent. This is an after-death tax,” explained Savage.

“Here’s the punch line,” he continued, “China and Russia, which are still communist countries, have no estate taxes. Everything the communists have tried and run away from, Obama and his communist cronies are dragging us into.”

Later in the week, Savage explained why polls leading up to the election had been so inaccurate (FREE audio): “There is a factor in science called the confounding variable. These are the variables that the researcher failed to control for or eliminate, which damage the validity of the experiment.

“My theory is that the illegal aliens in America, who pollsters placed in the category of ‘not likely voters’ or ‘not registered voters,’ were the ones who elected Obama,” he continued. “Just as Arthur Rothstein fixed the 1919 World Series, I believe the presidential election of 2012 was fixed.

“In actual fact, all the polls were probably correct,” Savage concluded, “except they didn’t account for the confounding variable of all those illegal immigrants voting, sometimes twice or three times.”
Rush Limbaugh

“Marco Rubio is being Romneyed!” Limbaugh declared.

Rubio’s remarks about the age of the earth are being twisted by the media, but Limbaugh points out that Obama made an almost identical statement a few years ago, which was ignored (FREE audio).

“Some people, after I say this, are gonna wish I hadn’t,” Limbaugh also admitted this week, before stating bluntly: “Capitalism doesn’t work for everyone.”

He explained something that many American voters want to hear, and what few politicians have the courage to say: “Capitalism, by definition, does not work for everyone. But nothing else does, either. There is no system that works for everyone. Everyone is primarily responsible to themselves. … But you see, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a word that is applicable within any economic structure or system that is devised that is simply unacceptable in America today, and that is failure” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Oliver North joined Hannity to talk about his new fiction book, “Heroes Proved.” It’s set in a future in which guns are banned and Christians are considered terrorists.

The story “starts out with a terror attack with an administration that lies about who did it – sound familiar?” laughed North, “I don’t have the gift of prophecy, but I certainly hope the rest of this doesn’t come through.”

He added that he hoped his book might serve as “a wake-up call” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

A resident of Israel, Klein broadcasted his latest program live as Hamas rockets threatened Tel Aviv. He served up the latest inside information about the war, corrected the media’s lies about the situation and offered suggestions about how Israel can win.

Klein also reported on rumors that the Ambassador to Libya was mixed up in gunrunning and talked to a politician who believes Hezbollah sleeper cells are already in the United States (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

To put it mildly, Levin wasn’t impressed by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol’s call for tax hikes over the weekend.

“Stop talking like the lib you used to be,” Levin shouted, accusing Kristol of “giving aid and comfort to Obama’s attack on capitalism and successful people” (FREE audio).

Levin also blasted Democrats for playing the race card while trying to stifle any criticism of Susan Rice, who is rumored to be on the shortlist for secretary of State. James Clyburn and Marcia Fudge are among those calling Rice’s conservative critics “racists.” Levin turned the tables and called liberal attacks on Sarah Palin “misogynist” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., came on the show accuse Harry Reid of obstructing any attempts to prevent the country from falling off the “fiscal cliff.”

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, explained the tactics used by Hamas to maximize casualties, while Israel seeks to minimize them. Byron York of the Washington Examiner talked about the good news that came out of the recent election: the increase in Republican governors, who may in turn be able to lead the charge against Obamacare (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

“While the current president may be one of the most astoundingly incompetent, radically left, Eurocentric and egomaniacal presidents America has ever had,” said Glenn Beck in his Thanksgiving message, “I still have hope, because he is not bigger than the people. And he’s certainly not bigger than God.”

He added: “Just like we understood the folly of Obama’s faithful followers placing all their hope in one human being, we have to understand the folly of pinning all our hope in beating that one human being in an election.”

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