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Michael Savage goes live in NYC, D.C.

“The Savage Nation” will return to the New York City market via the nation’s top talk-radio station, WABC, and will be heard in the nation’s capital on WMAL.

Michael Savage, whose show is broadcast on more than 150 Cumulus Media affiliates, will air from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. weeknights in New York City and Washington, D.C., beginning Dec. 3.

“We in the media are supposed to be the watchdogs over government, not lapdogs,” Savage said. “That’s what freedom of speech and freedom of press entails.”

Savage said that without “harsh criticism, our politicians become immune to the people and behave like King George.”

“I take my role seriously and hope to continue to entertain and inform on WABC and WMAL,” he said.

Savage ended his relationship with the Talk Radio Network in October, where “The Savage Nation” was the third most listened to radio talk show in the U.S. with more than 10 million weekly listeners. This year, the show became the No. 1 talk show on the Internet.

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Savage said that while “San Fransicko” is his adopted home, “New York City is still a sort of spiritual home to me – my ancestors are buried there.”

“After many years on another station where I dominated ratings in my time slot, I am back on a much more powerful station, the venerable WABC,” he said. “Few know this: When I first began in New York City, I was carried on WABC and I beat the New York Yankees in the ratings!”

Regarding WMAL, Savage said, “What can be better than to try to keep the K Street gang somewhat responsive to the people?”

He noted that he’s never been heard in Washington, D.C., except for on a “marginal station.”

“WMAL brings my voice into the consciousness, the geography of the geopolitical leadership,” he said.

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“Maybe they will hate my critiques but love my meatball recipe,” he quipped.

“Who knows, Obama may love my cooking advice so much that he’ll invite me to the White House as a guest chef.”

Savage recently published his 29th book, “Train Tracks,” a collection of stories from his childhood in the 1950s that celebrate family, home and tradition.

He has written six non-fiction New York Times best-sellers, including “Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream of the Socialist States of America,” “Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security,” “The Savage Nation,” The Enemy Within,” “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” “Political Zoo,” “Psychological Nudity: Savage Radio Stories” and “Banned in Britain.”

As WND reported, he has signed a deal with St. Martin’s Press for two new fiction thrillers.

Savage’s previous novel, “Abuse of Power,” was a New York Times bestseller last year. His next fiction book, “Time for War,” will be released in February. The new books are tentatively scheduled for 2014 and 2015.