Mr. Farah: Thanks for continuing the fight in spite of a very disappointing election.  I told people that I felt Romney would win a free and fair election. I’m in your corner that we did not have such an election.

Before the election, I had taken some comfort in the fact that Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada all had Republican governors. I felt they could at least insure an orderly and fair balloting process in their respective states.

The election actually largely came down to south Florida, Philadelphia and Cleveland. When counties vote 140 percent of their registered voters (St. Lucie, Fla.), I’m reminded of Dante – “Abandon hope all ye that enter herein.”

Voter IDs must be universally required in the future. As to doing away with the Electoral College, one big ballot box may make it that much easier to steal an election.

Today, the new jobless numbers show the greatest increase in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two states that deserve to lead the downward spiral we will all experience to some extent.

Now it remains to see if there is still even one virtuous congressman or senator willing to demand an investigation into any or all of the above on the day the two houses vote to ratify the Electoral College vote. That is all it takes, one person to stop the process. “Profiles in Courage,” anyone?

Les Hilst

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