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Obama: Gun dealers' best friend

Gun sales hit an all-time, one-day record one week ago, driving Black Friday retail sales and actually overwhelming the FBI’s background check center twice.

What’s causing the gun-buying zeal?

The answer is simple – the actions of a man who hates private ownership of guns, Barack Obama.

He’s been doing it for a long time.

His election in 2008 drove gun sales through the roof.

And now it’s happening, again, because he is supporting the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that requires member states unable to disarm their populaces to be placed under the jurisdiction of the U.N. Office of Disarmament Affairs.

There’s a lot of irony here to digest.

On the one hand, it would be accurate to say that Obama has been and continues to be gun dealers’ best friend.

As someone very fond of guns and the First Amendment, I believe that is Obama’s very best achievement since taking office.

It’s also an illustration of how counterproductive modern liberalism is. The goal of people like Obama is, quite clearly, to ban private ownership of firearms. He has made it abundantly clear he has nothing but contempt for people who cling to guns and religion. We’re just not his kind of people.

Neither were the Founding Fathers – the people who fired up the brightest torch of liberty in the history of the world.

Yet, each and every time Obama makes a move to accomplish his objective, he effectively decreases the likelihood of ever achieving it.

This is what you might call the silver lining under the dark cloud of Obama.

It’s also ironic that gun sales are actually one of the brightest spots in Obama’s efforts at economic recovery – stalled as it has been ever since he took office. Try as he might to get the economy going, it just keeps getting worse. But his outspoken desire to ban entire classifications of firearms, leaving the government with a monopoly on force, is arguably the most effective stimulus initiative for retail sales the Obama administration has ever devised – albeit unintentionally.

Unintended consequences are the bad dreams of so-called “progressives” like Obama.

They’ve never understood them. Or maybe they just don’t care.

It’s like raising taxes to increase government’s revenues.

It doesn’t work. It’s counterproductive.

If you raise taxes, as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan understood, articulated and demonstrated, you decrease government’s revenues. If you cut taxes, you increase government revenues. People like Obama either don’t get that economics is not a zero-sum game, or maybe they don’t care.

Maybe their seemingly counterproductive actions aren’t counterproductive to their real objectives at all.

For instance, while I personally recommend all law-abiding Americans purchase guns and learn how to use them for their own safety, the security of their communities and the liberty of the nation, I don’t believe for a minute that’s why Obama is stimulating firearm sales.

Neither do I think he believes he can ban guns or confiscate them from Americans who already own them – even with the help of the U.N.

I have always believed Obama’s real goal – the objective he has in common with all true leftists and socialists – is to create chaos. As a former leftist, I understand the paradigm. It’s classic Cloward-Pivens strategy. Obama seeks “to heighten the contradictions of capitalism,” as they say. He does a lot of crazy things to further that objective – to prove, if you will, that America is incapable of self-government, that smart people like him and Michelle are needed to guide our every move.

How else does one explain “Fast and Furious,” an operation conceived and announced in his White House to buy guns in the U.S. and sell them to Mexican drug cartels so they could be used to kill innocent Mexican and U.S. citizens and even law-enforcement personnel?

That was so clearly an operation designed with one thing in mind – to provide cover for the banning of gun sales. If Obama could conceive of such an illegal and stealthy plot, why wouldn’t he also stealthily take actions to increase the number of guns in the hands of Americans to make the case that there are just too many guns in the hands of Americans?

Maybe he wants to create civil strife. Maybe he wants to foment armed rebellion. Maybe he realizes that would provide him cover to take sweeping and repressive actions that effectively subvert the Constitution.

I don’t know.

All I know is that it’s a good time to buy firearms and ammunition. It’s one of the best investments you can make in personal security and liberty – at least while it lasts.

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