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Questions about Christianity? Bring 'em on

Members of the old guard media recently attacked Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida for his answer about the age of the earth – that there are disagreements but that whatever the answer, it has nothing to do with getting the nation’s economic engine restarted.

The attack happened even though the answer Rubio gave during an interview with GQ magazine was very similar to the answer Barack Obama gave to a similar question.

But the recently release book “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith” offers answers to all sorts of questions that arise about Christianity, including many of those “gotcha” subjects.

The book soared within days of its May release to the No. 1 best-seller spot in Science and Religion on Amazon. Within two months it had reached the top 400 of the many millions of books available on Amazon.com.

During the weeks since, the book has stayed at or near the No. 1 spot for Hot New Releases, and it has collected mostly five-star ratings from its many Amazon reviewers.

The project also has been featured by a Washington Times columnist, who called it a “must read
book,” “a muscular defense of the Christian faith” and “an arsenal of powerful rebuttals to Christian bashers.”

Further, the book and the author have been featured on TBN (PTL With Dwight Thompson), Atlanta Live TV, Dove Network (TV and Radio), Coast Up Clove TV, Creation Today TV, In the Market with Janet Parshall (Moody Radio) and in scores of other major radio markets coast to coast, from “Mancow in the Morning” (Chicago) to “Bill Martinez Live” (California).

Florida State University, the New Orleans Baptist Seminary, the University of Mobile at Mobile, Ala., and several U.S. newspapers have featured Gallups’ book in their official publications.

An Amazon reviewer calling himself AIRBRUSH BILL writes: “This book will keep you on your toes, giving you confidence to what you already know, to be true. The simple story telling is today’s way of getting the point across. This book is a wealth of information and it is very teachable or easy to share with others. I love this book, I have it on my phone so I can always go back and drink from it. It is a delight to one’s soul.”

Another five-star Amazon reviewer, T. Gore, echoed those sentiments with this review:”Thank you Carl Gallups for a well-written, inspiring book based on the true truth! This was a quick read – didn’t want to put it down!”

“I know the title of the book is a bit provocative,” said Gallups. “It is meant to be thought provoking. The title comes from the common atheistic attack upon the Christian faith that goes something like this: ‘I would rather believe in settled scientific fact than in some Magic Man In The Sky.’ I decided to use the words from that typical straw man argument made, by the skeptic, as the very title for the book. It has certainly ratcheted up the Biblical conversation a notch or two!”

The book, among many other things, clearly exposes the fallacy of declaring that evolution is “settled science.” Gallups says that his book has been reviewed by a microbiologist who works for the EPA and a long-time physics teacher. Both have given the book a rave review and have confirmed that the scientific statements made in the book are “spot on.”

Gallups says: “This book has opened up a whole new world for me in regards to advancing the Kingdom work. I meet people all over the world who have my book and they are using it in their daily lives, homes, churches, and ministry. Many are buying multiple copies and giving them as gifts to others. It is humbling and at times, surreal.”

Three recent Amazon five-star reviewers reflect Gallups’ personal involvement with the message of “The Magic Man in the Sky”:

Franklin Owen says: “This book boldly defends the Christian faith. I have actually had the opportunity to hear this man both preach and talk about his book. The sincerity and passion this man has for both Christ and for people to come to know Christ is both wonderful and notable. He wrote this book solely to defend Christianity from the illogical attacks from atheists and secularists alike. Not only does this book help inform Christians, but it also helps point nonbelievers to Christ. This book is bold. It deserves a place on your bookshelf.”

Dr. Bob states in his Amazon review: “I highly recommend this book, not only for the teens and college students, but for any adults who have not previously studied these subjects. We are instructed to ‘always be ready to give an answer’ to any skeptic and this will help prepare you. (1 Peter 3:15) I was able to visit with Carl recently and found him to be both credible and warm. Strong personal character of a person adds to the strength of the argument and Carl clearly illustrates the truth.”

Quiet Dove wrote, “The book is worth the read and I am proud to have met the author. My husband and I both have a hard copy of the book, as well as, the Kindle edition.”

Gallups provided a couple of reviewer examples that encapsulate the message and importance of “The Magic Man in the Sky”:

By Amazon reviewer Maroun Tanios Mounayar: “This book points out so many things that both believers and non-believers must know. Do you want PROOF of God’s existence and that the Bible is His word? Read this book, and have a Bible ready to read after it.”

Patricia A. Murphy: “If you’d like to read positive proof of the existence of God (plus the vital importance of Israel). This book lays it all out for you. Very readable, extremely engrossing.”

Reviewer Eugene J. Ralph called the book a “Must-read for Christians as well as non-believers.” Ralph went on to say: “The Magic Man in the Sky is an insightful, entertaining defense of the Christian faith. Carl Gallups delivers a dynamic, unapologetic stance for God and Intelligent Design. The reader who is unsure of God’s existence will be given undeniable proof and God’s plan for salvation. This book will certainly be enjoyed by all who read it!”

Gallups is a long-time senior pastor of a large Gulf Coast church, a radio talk show host, conference speaker, columnist, evangelist and a former Florida law enforcement officer. He has spoken frequently from coast to coast in the United States and in several other nations, including Peru, Canada and Israel. He is a frequent media guest commentator and contributor. Carl is one of the founders of the popular PPSIMMONS Youtube Channel.

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